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Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) - 2020

Puget Sound Regional Council’s (PSRC) mission is to effectively plan for regional transportation, growth management and economic development. Through PSRC, central Puget Sound counties (King, Pierce, Snohomish and Kitsap), cities and towns, ports, tribes, transit agencies, and the state work together to develop policies and make decisions about regional issues. PSRC works with local government, business and citizens to build a common vision for the region’s future, expressed through three connected major activities: VISION 2040, the region’s growth strategy; Transportation 2040, the region’s long-range transportation plan; and the Regional Economic Strategy, the region’s blueprint for long-term prosperity. PSRC is governed by a General Assembly and an Executive Board. Each member of PSRC is a voting member of the General Assembly, which meets at least annually to vote on major decisions, establish the budget, and elect new officers. The Executive Board is chaired by the PSRC President, meets monthly, and serves as the governing board. Both the General Assembly and Executive Board use weighted votes based on population to make decisions. 

Snohomish County Cities is tasked with providing elected officials from our member cities to represent Snohomish County on all PSRC Committees. At each January membership meeting, candidates are voted upon and assigned. Each Committee has a primary representative, a first alternate and second alternate assigned. The responsibilities of each representative can be found here.  document coming soon

Puget Sound Regional Council Delegates

SCC has the responsibility and authority to appoint representatives for all Snohomish County Cities who are Members of PSRC other than Everett (who has their own designated seat) to all PSRC Boards and the Economic Development District.  The appointed representatives are there to represent all cities, not just their home jurisdiction.  Representatives are responsible to read all materials, prepare as needed by consulting with other cities, attend the monthly meeting in downtown Seattle to speak on SCC Cities’ behalf, and vote on all matters before these Boards to advance our interests.  Alternates are expected to stay informed (by attending in person, observing by teleconference, or reviewing the records after the meetings’ conclusion) such that they are up to speed and able to step in when the primary representative may have a conflict and cannot attend.

Cities voting:  All cities except Everett, Brier*, Goldbar*, Index* (* not PSRC members in 2020)

The Puget Sound Regional Council Boards are: Each Board is a link to more information about each board

   Executive Board  -  Operations Committee  -  Transportation Policy Board   -  Economic Development Board

Growth Management Policy Board

PSRC Executive Board

Executive Board members are appointed by their General Assembly constituents (the city members) to represent the member governments. The board carries out delegated powers and responsibilities between meetings of the General Assembly.  SCC appoints two members and two alternates.  The SCC representative to stay informed on issues forwarded from TPB, GMPB, and EDD as they affect all SCC members.  This position is for one year.

The 2020 Elected delegates are:       

  • Primary: Mayor Barb Tolbert – Arlington
  • Primary: Council Member Mike Todd – Mill Creek
  • 1st Alternate: Council Member Bryan Wahl – Mountlake Terrace 
  • 2nd Alternate: Council Member Adrienne Fraley-Monillas – Edmonds 

PSRC Operations Committee

(meets immediately prior to Executive Board, so most conveniently serviced by the Executive Board reps):

The Operations committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Executive Board on the budget and work program, and on contracts and other financial and personnel issues.

  • Primary: Council Member Mike Todd - Mill Creek
  • Alternate: Mayor Barb Tolbert – Arlington

PSRC Transportation Policy Board

The TPB meets monthly to advise the Executive Board on key transportation issues.  The SCC representative needs to stay connected with SCCIT and SCT discussions and positions on transportation issues.

  • Primary: Council Member Jan Schuette - Arlington
  • 1st Alternate: Council Member Jeffrey Beeler – Sultan
  • 2nd Alternate: Council Member Kim Daughtry – Lake Stevens 

PSRC Economic Development Board

The regional Economic Development District Board is the governing board for the federally designated economic development district for King, Pierce, Snohomish and Kitsap counties. Its members include representatives from private business, local governments, tribes and trade organizations.  Meets quarterly, but special meetings are sometime required.  The SCC representative needs to stay informed on county wide issues in representing SCC at the EDD.

  • Primary: Council Member Joe Marine  - Mukilteo
  • 1st Alternate: Council Member Jason Sanders – Snohomish
  • 2nd Alternate: Council Member Tom King - Marysville

PSRC Growth Management Policy Board

The Growth Management Policy Board meets monthly to advise the Executive Board on key growth management issues.  The SCC representative needs to stay connected with SCT discussions and positions on growth issues.

  • Primary: Mayor Russell Wiita - Sultan
  • 1st Alternate – Council Member Bryan Wahl – Mountlake Terrace
  • 2nd Alternate: Mayor John Kartak - Snohomish





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